Lizbeth Janelle PaceteHuman Capital Consultant Coach

areas of expertise
  • Learning Design and Development
  • Communication Strategies Planning and Management
  • Change and Transition Management
  • Media & Mass Communications
  • Coaching  – Individual and Group
  • AB Mass Communications, Philippine Christian University
  • Certificate in Ministry Leadership, Victory Philippines
  • Coaching Essentials, Talent, Leadership, and Change Consultancy
  • The Leadership Circle – in progress

Janelle is a seasoned trainer and facilitator, having had more than 15 years of experience in the sphere of people development. Since having discovered the rewarding experience of helping others, she has dedicated herself to developing her character and professional skills to deliver service that builds capability in others, and adds value to their lives – whether as professionals, ministers, or as volunteers. Human Capital Consulting has allowed Janelle to explore all avenues possible in order to help people and organizations become their best selves. She is currently working with non-profit organizations and ministries focused on assistance for women in the sex trade, and out-patient, community-based drug recovery.