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Innovation, genius, and talent have created a world where things we once thought were impossible now become an everyday reality. For sure, the things we can’t even conceive of are soon to follow.

At the same time that this gifts us the chance of waking up to progress every single morning, this also places us in a world what that moves with an ever-quickening pace. We hop from trend to trend, target to target and, development to development – all to keep up with the world’s forward movement. Our question to you is: At what cost?

Sustained profitability, long-term viability, business ethics, environmental responsibility, health, peace, happiness. These are all things that can fall by the roadside as we live and work in a time of rapid change. Our job is to help you see that they don’t have to, especially if you invest in people.

Our clients consult with us because they know that the key to competitive advantage and sustainable success is talent. Regardless of sector, industry, geography, or stage of organization evolution, you can rely on talent to move you forward towards excellence and meaning. With their creativity, their ability to lead, and their ability to dream, people are the ultimate renewable resource. Through coaching, consulting and, training, we serve you by bringing out all of this in you and the people you work with.

We are all about people. Our faith in talent is the root underlying all the services we’d like to share with you.

We help talent evolve, thrive, adapt

Our clients call on us when they are faced with often difficult and exciting challenges – new opportunities for growth, organizational transformation initiatives, performance issues and other pressing issues that make them think.

As trusted advisors and coaches, we partner with our clients in working through macro and micro talent challenges – helping craft strategies to develop talent, coaching leaders and teams towards deeper clarity engagement, brainstorming on systems that lead to high performance and a sustainable future. It's all about helping talent evolve towards being the people who achieve the desired results – while keeping focused on the longer view.

We help bridge the gap between the organization's goals and its capabilities

We’re here to help you close the gap between your organization’s needs and its current talent capacity and capability. It’s the journey from “what is” to “what is ideal” and it starts now.

Together, we create a bridge for this gap – made of strategy, systems and structures that address your unique context.

At TLC, we help clients assess their talent bench and leadership resources, including taking an honest look at how they measure up against competitors and those in the “open market.” Through conversation, we help clients understand their organizational culture and how it works for or against the group’s aspirations.

We help you attract the talent you need

How does your brand as a possible employer play out in attracting, retaining and engaging the talent and human capital you need for your goals?

With analysis rooted in insight, experience, tools and, resources we help our clients get a better understanding of what engages their talents and how they can keep them sustained?

We enable the enablers: HR for HR™

Our work doesn’t stop with the CEO nor the executives of any organization.

As enablers ourselves, we love working with fellow enablers, those who significantly impact the human side of any enterprise: Human Resources.

Under the HR for HR program, we help your Human Resources team reinvent and transform themselves into the kind of individuals who can better create an environment that amplifies talent, leadership and ultimately, success. Here, the idea is to coach HR practitioners as leaders and business partners who have the special talent of enabling collaborative teamwork.

We help organizations transition through changes with mindfulness

We understand that internally and externally, your organization is constantly changing. Just like any living and breathing thing, organizations are in a state of flux – a position that isn’t always comfortable nor profitable.

Changes can be planned, risks can be mitigated and, in the event that the unpredictable happens, organizations can adapt. We’d go so far as to say, in the event of the unpredictable, organizations can even thrive.

Clients come to us for advice and assistance in creating more agile organizations that are able to hack the transition process and drive it towards the kind of positive change that goes beyond common business metrics. It’s in this process of becoming more adaptable that talent and leadership intertwine with change and progress.

We can coach you towards becoming your best self, the best organization

Wherever you are in your current journey, know that this is always the perfect starting point towards exponential change.

The miracles of becoming a better leader, a better team, having the career you desire, improving your relationships and, living with meaning everyday are all at your fingertips. Courageous coaching conversations are designed to help you see this truth.

Coaching is a clear path to self-discovery, change and, empowerment. By consciously entering into an alliance that dwells in honesty, respect, and unconditional positive regard, a person or a group’s limitless potential is unleashed and made manifest.

We’d like to stand by you on a reflective journey that starts with the truth of where one is at and where one wants to be, continues into taking decisive actions and, enjoying positive outcomes. Coaching can help you improve your performance at work, become a leader, take better care of yourself and, whatever else you dream of.

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Way to go Susan and TLC! Loving your empowerment of people to take self esteem into their own hands. May your words and actions continue to spread.

Marilyn Santiago
Former President, PT&T
Our Innovative Network of Talents

If you’re reading this, then like us, you are being called to service.

As consultants and coaches, we get the chance to put into action our gifts of seeing potential in everyone – and in the process, deepen our expertise and grow in fulfilment. We want this for you too.

At TLC, we offer a wealth of opportunities to help people and organizations create value and sustain success.

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